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The Dream Relationship Workshop is a three day transformational workshop for couples. This is an educational course using an experiential learning style.  It is a fun and lively weekend with many opportunities to connect with your partner and a much deeper level.

Topics that are covered are communication, listening, commitment, relationship with your word, control issues, honesty, giving and receiving love, and support. The connection in this workshop made by couples is truly amazing.

Everything in this couples workshop builds on the next thing. Each exercise is important to the next as it sets the stage to have a deeper understanding. Couples walk in on Friday night not really knowing what to expect and they walk out on Sunday with a new understanding of themselves and their partnership as a whole.

This course teaches personal responsibility for our behavior and contribution to our relationships, not only our primary relationship, all relationships in our lives.

The Dream Relationship Workshop is created and facilitated primarily by Michelle Shelton. Paul and Michelle Shelton were on the verge of divorce when they found “the work”.  Their philosophy includes Victim VS Ownership learning and they create unique emotional experiences that allows you to see the way you really operate in the world, all in the safety of a seminar room.

Honesty with self and others is key in doing this type of work. There are various activities that you perform with your partner to support you in commitment, communication and negotiation. There is no hiding in this workshop.  You will have opportunities to see who you really are and then you are in the drivers seat on what you choose to do with what you see.

There is no religious denomination represented. One of the concepts that supports Christianity and most religions is the fact that we come from a place of non-judgment. There is not judgment. You are encouraged to ask yourself what works and what doesn’t work and what is useful and what is not useful in your life.

Check-in is Friday at 3:00 in the afternoon. Although the class starts Friday night at 6:30, we recommend you get settled and relax as early at 3:00 PM. You will want to give yourself time to check in before the first class night. We don’t have a specific time to end on any of the days, this is part of the adventure of the class. It is interactive and depending on what comes out in the class, it could run as late as midnight. We will end when we complete the exercises. You will receive a personal workbook on Friday night at the start of the class with everything you will need for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are both all day and we end Sunday evening approximately 6:00 PM.

What if we are on the verge of a break-up or divorce?
Don’t give up until you check out this workshop. Of course there are no guarantees. It is up to you. If you are at a loss, yet, really don’t want a divorce, this could be just what you have been looking for in your marriage. Get yourself and your spouse to this workshop and re-discover the love that brought you together in marriage and your love relationship in the first place.

Our relationship is good, we don’t need it!
If your relationship is good and you want to take things up a notch, this workshop will support you in doing just that. No matter where you would rate your relationship on a scale of one to ten, this workshop can support you in getting the marriage and love relationship you say you want.

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