Sometimes people will ask for our qualifications. Our main qualification is life experience. We are a couple that works together on a daily basis to have a healthy, happy life and to raise healthy happy children and to spend time together and be best friends.

Keep in mind, we are teachers. We are teaching from experience. We do not claim to have all the answers. We are not counselors. Our Dream Relationship Workshop is strictly educational. It is a class where you create the relationship you want based on what you decide. We point out things that could possibly get in the way of your marriage, parenting, and relationships in general.  We point them out from experience not because we were educated in a classroom to do it a certain way. We do not give you your answers. Only you have your answers. We do not counsel and it is not therapy. It is a class. Period.

Paul and Michelle Shelton have been married since 1989. They have five children and live in Gilbert, Arizona. Both Paul and Michelle have done extensive Personal Growth work and Michelle has been speaking and training since the late 1980’s on various topics of interest and personal growth.

Contact Michelle at 480-577-8272 or go to our contact page to email us.

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