Photos of Paul and Michelle

Here are some photos of Paul and I throughout our 21 year marriage.

This first one is of us on our wedding day in November of 1989. It seems like yesterday. I was pregnant and 25 years old that day.

We decided it was the “right” thing to do since we got pregnant. On July 4, 1990 our son Phillip was born.

This is me a little further in my pregnancy. This was about a month after we got married. We drove

to Nebraska to be with my family for Christmas. We got custody of Marie (Paul’s daughter) two days after we got married. We got married on November 22, 1989.

(left) Michelle and Paul in 1990 with Marie who is four and Phillip who is about seven months old. We lived in Northern California and were struggling to get by. Paul was working on a construction crew with his brother and I was home with the kids.

This is Paul and Michelle Shelton in August of 1990 at Paul’s sisters wedding in Tempe, Arizona. Paul was a groomsman and Michelle was a bridesmaid. Marie Shelton was the flower girl.

This photo was taken in 1995. I was pregnant with Emma and we were in our Evangelical Christian phase. Or maybe I should say our legalistic phase. Josephine was one, Phillip was five, Sam was three and Marie was nine. We had been married six years when this photo was taken.

This was in 1997. We had converted to the Catholic Church and took our faith very serious. Marie was eleven or twelve, Phillip was seven, Sam was five, Josephine was three and Emma was about sixteen months. We lived in Harlan, Iowa.

This photo was taken in front of Paul’s sisters home in Chandler, Arizona. We had moved back to Arizona and gone to her home for Thanksgiving. At this time we had been married for nearly ten years.

Marie was thirteen, Phillip was eight or nine, Sam was six or seven, Josephine was four or five and Emma was about three.

Okay, so I am not sure what I was thinking with the hair. Our friend, Chris Haubrock took this photo for us and the cinnabun on my head was in style. Really. It was.

In 2007, we attended a seminar with PSI Seminars. It truly changed the way we looked at our marriage. We walked into the Basic Seminar on October 8, 2007 and our marriage was at a four on a scale of one to ten. When we walked out four days later it was at an eight. This photo was taken at the advanced seminar in California in November of 2007 – everything was different from then on!

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