Reserve your seat today for the Dream Relationship Workshop held in Gilbert, Arizona.

Who attends?

Couples losing hope. If you are on the verge of divorce and looking for solutions, this workshop could support you in creating a different relationship. You don’t have to throw in the towel! Paul and Michelle Shelton were on the verge of divorce after nearly 17 years of marriage and they discovered some tools they used to take their marriage, not only to a 10, they are working on the next 10!

Couples happily married. Many couples are happily married for a reason. They are the couples that constantly seek new information and work on their relationship to create more for themselves. This workshop is perfect for these couples!

Couples living together. Couples often live together to “test drive” the relationship. To make sure they can make it work. When you leave this workshop, you should have a knowing about your level of commitment and your partners. The tools you will be exposed to can give you the confidence you seek to move forward in life.

What is included in the price?

  • Hotel Accommodations for Friday and Saturday night
  • Hot breakfast each morning
  • Dream Date Night and $50 toward your date
  • Workbook and Materials
  • Roughly 20-25 hours of classroom time

Class size is limited so get enrolled quick!
The Dream Relationship Workshop class size is limited to 20 couples so make sure you get your seat reserved quickly or enroll and get on our waiting list for the next class.

Dream Relationship Workshop


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