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Will Paul and Michelle come talk to our group?
There are many ways you can experience the benefits of the Dream Relationship Teachings with Paul and Michelle Shelton. Paul and Michelle are available to speak to your church or group for one hour sessions on various topics dealing with relationships, marriage and parenting. The suggested love donation is $20 per person. You supply the room and seating setup for your group.

Why hire us for a speaking engagement?
Paul and Michelle are teachers. Although you may benefit from attending the Dream Relationship Workshop…the workshops are more intense and they are setup for both people in the relationship to attend. The work the couples do is together in a workshop. Maybe you have a group of people that are not married or are dating or perhaps they have a partner that would not attend with them. This is where a speaking engagement could support your group over a full three day workshop. You and your group could benefit from attending or setting up a speaking engagement or a coaching one on one with Michelle. Paul and Michelle are available for travel to speak to your group.

Do Paul and Michelle speak to groups outside of Arizona?
Yes! If you are out of the state of Arizona, please include the cost of travel and lodging or you can call and receive a free consultation.

How would it work?
It’s easy. You can show our website to your group and get approval and when you are ready contact us. If travel is required, additional costs will apply and can be worked out during the free consultation.

Speaking Engagements
If you would like to benefit from the teachings of Paul and Michelle Shelton, you can book them to come and speak to your group. If your group is outside of Arizona, travel expenses apply. Inside Arizona you can book Paul and / or Michelle to speak to your group by providing the room and an audience with a love offering suggested donation of $20 per person for a one hour session. We offer various talks on relationships, marriage, and parenting.

The following topics can be covered:

  • You don’t have to feel bad anymore!
  • Why it feels you are never good enough in your relationship!
  • What you say is why you have those results – a talk on what to say and what not to say in relationships
  • The Landmines to Avoid at all costs in loving relationships
  • How to get off the roller coaster of serving everyone in your family!
  • How to get your needs met in your relationship
  • How to get your children to do what you want them to do…without a fight.
  • Screaming kids driving your nuts? Peaceful parenting made easy.

As a church or group, can we host an intense three day Dream Relationship Workshop?
Although workshops are typically held in a hotel…workshops can be modified to meet the needs of your congregation or group. The concepts will be the same, although the approach would be modified. Please call us for a consultation if your group has an interest.

Ready to book Paul and Michelle for your group? Need more information? Have one of our staff members contact you by filling out the form below or call 480-577-8272:


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