Who can book us?

You and your group can book us to speak or even put on a three day workshop. If we discuss your unique needs and the size of your group, we can create a customized class for your group and provide a group discount by couple. We can accommodate workshops for couples of all sizes or if you are interested in just having us deliver a talk to your group, you can do that too!

The Dream Relationship Workshop Brochure is located to the left…please take time to download your copy and review it.

Our passion is supporting people in relationships. This includes people wanting improved relationships and those already in relationships. We also have a special passion for couples with children. So, the answer is…anyone can books us to speak to their group. If you have a small mom’s group or you are part of a large church congregation, you can book us to come and speak. Please read more on the Book Us page or contact us for more information.

Also see our Mission Page.

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