Our Philosophy is simple, to support families in their values. Our classes are to build the foundations you already have in place. We are not looking to have your question your faith or religion. We come from a place of respect. All the tools you will learn in our courses will support you no matter where you are in your life. You can be Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Non-Denominational, Hindu or any other religion. Perhaps you have no religion? You will also attain a great amount of tools and skills!

Although we do not embrace any religious teachings, we do believe spirituality must come first in our life in order to attain success in relationships. We believe that spirituality comes from within and that true spirituality is based on a level of giving and receiving support. We believe that each of us is connected and that when we injure another human being, we are really injuring ourselves.

Our values are prioritized to put our Spirituality first.

Our Personal Values





Everything else

If you are married and have committed to a lifetime, this relationship would come second because it is for a lifetime and as a parent our responsibility FOR our children is 18 years. This does not mean the relationship with our children is not important…it means our job is to make them independent of us and not dependent on us. Business comes third and everything else is after that. We believe this is a healthy priority list.

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