The Work

You will hear Paul and Michelle Shelton talk about and promote the philosophy known as “The Work”.  It is the teaching of love, compassion, non-judgment, personal awareness, responsibility and most of all true empowerment in your life. The concepts are one of leadership in both personal and professional life.

This page will give you other resources of “The Work”. It seems that you may find different people using slightly different language and yet it is still the same type of work. You will hear words like, “programs” through PSI Seminars and “characters” through Debbie Ford. If you read Don Miguel Ruiz’s books you will see he calls the auto thinking, parasites and even refers to it as the devil or the Prince of Darkness.  Eckhart Tolle refers to the automated thinking as the Ego. The list goes on. I have found the more I read and continue this journey, it is all the same work. The language could be different. The concepts of responsibility and awareness and personal empowerment are the same.

Paul and Michelle continue to work on themselves at advanced levels so they are constantly growing and learning to provide their company with more and in turn bringing you more. They strive to constantly live their philosophy of personal responsibility and real love and that means the learning doesn’t stop. It is a lifetime process. There are loads of great resources and trainings out there to support you. There are many companies that teach, train and coach the same work you learned in the Relationship Teachings of Paul and Michelle. Although Paul and Michelle do not work for any of these companies, they do recommend and make some of their products available to purchase here for you.

PSI Seminars – PSI seminars is an experiential and educational program set up for individuals. They have offices located mainly on the West Coast. Thomas Wilhite and Jane Wilhite are the founders. PSI Seminars was one of the first companies to evolve in the Human Potential Movement in the early 1970’s. Paul and Michelle have attended all of the advanced leadership courses and Michelle periodically is part of their Leadership Coaching.

Omega Vector

Debbie Ford and The Shadow Work

Eckhard Tolle

Jack Canfield

Hal Dowskin

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