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As you know this work never ends. Paul and Michelle continue to work on themselves at advanced levels so they are constantly growing and learning to provide their company with more. They strive to constantly live their philosophy of personal responsibility and happiness being an inside job. The learning doesn’t stop. There are loads of great resources and trainings out there to support you. There are many companies that teach, train and coach the same work you learned in the Dream Relationship Workshop.

PSI Seminars – One company that we align ourselves with is PSI Seminars. Although Michelle and Paul had been involved with personal growth work for over 20 years, PSI Seminars was where the experiential learning was first introduced to them. PSI Seminars has a Basic Seminar that is for individuals and Paul and Michelle highly recommend you attend and keep going in this type of work. Paul and Michelle did most of their work together and they have gone all the way through the advanced leadership courses and Principia with PSI Seminars. Michelle Shelton is a volunteer Life Success Coach through PSI Seminars for their Pacesetter Leadership Dynamics program, also known as PLD. At the time of this writing, Paul and Michelle Shelton have earned a spot to participate in the PSI Seminars Wealth Building program in Phoenix. This program is about building wealth in business and also giving back to the community. Giving Day is December 18, 2010 and serves under privileged children in South Phoenix with Christmas Gifts, food and fun. Paul and Michelle will also be collecting tax deductible donations for Greatest Day. Greatest Day is a day to support children and families in a third world country. Their trip overseas is slated for Jan. 2011.

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